Does David Attenborough lack objectivity in Frozen Planet series?

Flickr: Louis Laliberté Photographie

Poor Sir David Attenborough. It’s not easy being the voice that warns people of the dangers that global warming represents to us, particularly when every word you utter is frowned upon and criticised by climate sceptics. Nor is it easy to simply remain silent when those same critics claim you lack objectivity.

A calm exterior he may have, but Attenborough has refused to stay quiet and instead has hit back at prominent climate sceptic and former chancellor Nigel Lawson after he claimed that the BBC Frozen Planet natural history series, which Attenborough presented, lacked objectivity. Instead, he said the series promoted alarmism about climate change.

Early last month Attenborough wrote a letter in the Radio Times explaining that scientific evidence showed that the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. Unsurprisingly, this article produced a wave of criticism, much of which came from the corner of Nigel Lawson telling the same issue of Radio Times that Attenborough preferred sensation over objectivity.

Refusing to back down to such assertions, Attenborough took it one step further and told the Guardian that he was very cautious when it came to making sensationalist claims about how a continual change to the climate would bring disastrous consequences.

The poor man seems to spend most of his time educating people who refuse to listen on the effects the human race is producing on planet Earth and in particular the impact of global warming on the polar regions. Of course, even though the series is now over – it aired from late October to early December 2011 – it seems that non-believers of global warming will continue to refute claims made by the documentary presenter, despite the fact that scientific evidence has shown that the ice caps are melting at an alarming rate and sea levels are rising.

Who knows what will force them to take off their rose coloured glasses, but until then it’s safe to say that Attenborough does have an objective disposition.


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