Same rights as humans for whales and dolphins?

Flickr: L e l e

Hey you human…yeah you…why don’t you try and jump through this hoop with immaculate grace, before attempting to walk on water while flapping your hands, and then we’ll see if you deserve this treat.

I’m not saying I didn’t like Sea World when I went during my spring break adventures – after all I had the rides to amuse me – but when I watched the killer whale show I didn’t particularly enjoy it. I mean, what’s to enjoy when sea mammals that should be free is instead kept to perform the same tricks for most of the year for the amusement of others?

Now, however, it looks as though a Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoise) is being supported by philosophers and marine biologists from Atlanta and Los Angeles because of the sea mammals intelligence and emotional empathy similar to that of humans.

Because the mind of these sea mammals is so complex and highly evolved, the bill argues that they should be classified as ‘non-human persons’ who have the right to liberty, life and wellbeing.

While humans may be social creatures, dolphins and whales are even more socially driven, which means keeping them within a confined space is morally wrong.

I don’t know about you, but after a few days inside tapping out countless words on my laptop, I start to crave the outside world as cabin fever sets in. So what do you think a confinement similar to a four-sided box does to the dolphins and whales?

The bill goes on to state that no dolphin, whale or porpoise should be hunted, nor should they be kept in captivity or servitude, subject to cruel treatment or become the property of an individual or government. If such measures happened to us we would think, and rightly so, that what was happening was wrong, so why should it be any different to sea mammals?

Even though the Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans was established by researchers at a conference in Helsinki two years ago, it’s hoped that by receiving enough support from scientists it will grab the attention of policymakers.

As sea mammals don’t have a voice that we can all understand, we need to be the voice for them. And one day, we may just see this new bill in place that grants cetaceans the same rights as humans.


3 thoughts on “Same rights as humans for whales and dolphins?

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