First ‘High’ 8 for London’s Air Quality

Flickr: KevinLallier

London has seen its first ‘high’ 8 air quality score after the Daily Air Quality Index system changed at the beginning of the new year.

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China to tackle pollution and fine particulate matter with tighter air quality levels

Flickr: el carter

Hundreds of thousands of people in China are dying every year by breathing. Damaging air pollutants, with long-term health effects are hanging over residents as an internal reminder that air pollution in the country is at a critical stage.

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London air pollution targets delayed due to EU ‘loophole’

Flickr: Stox - Ideas Playground

I had high hopes that the government would fit the bill of ‘green government,’ and do what it had promised by tackling air pollution and climate change.

It seems, however, that I was mistaken.

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