Flooding 2014: Is This Now the Norm?


Somerset Floods – Flickr: Levon Dymond

Heavy rain forecasts mean that communities already flood-hit in the south and Wales will see little respite from the bad weather. After dealing with more than four weeks of flooding these winter floods have been the worst in Britain in over 20 years.

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Greenland ice sheet may melt completely with 1.6 degrees global warming

Flickr: ~ Floydian ~

The Greenland ice sheet is likely to be more vulnerable to global warming than previously thought.

A new study by scientists from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, shows that the temperature threshold for melting the ice sheet completely is in the range of 0.8 to 3.2 degree Celsius global warming, with a best estimate for 1.6 degrees above pre-industrial levels.

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Polar bears: An overused image of climate change?

Flickr: Rita Kravchuk

How many of us can actually say we’ve seen a polar bear? And I don’t mean by simply watching TV documentaries or looking at posters of them. I’m going to take a wild guess and say not many of us have been lucky enough to say we have.

That, of course, hasn’t stopped campaigners of climate change from using the polar bear image which has become synonymous with the debate on climate change as the melting arctic sea ice continues to threaten its survival.

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Rio+20: Last chance to save the world…again?

Flickr: marcitolina

Rio+20 marks its 20th anniversary this year and what better way to celebrate than by bringing member states of the United Nations together as they undertake the last chance to save the world…again.

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Does David Attenborough lack objectivity in Frozen Planet series?

Flickr: Louis Laliberté Photographie

Poor Sir David Attenborough. It’s not easy being the voice that warns people of the dangers that global warming represents to us, particularly when every word you utter is frowned upon and criticised by climate sceptics. Nor is it easy to simply remain silent when those same critics claim you lack objectivity.

A calm exterior he may have, but Attenborough has refused to stay quiet and instead has hit back at prominent climate sceptic and former chancellor Nigel Lawson after he claimed that the BBC Frozen Planet natural history series, which Attenborough presented, lacked objectivity. Instead, he said the series promoted alarmism about climate change.

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