The importance of saving water…it’s common sense isn’t it?

Flickr: Heaven`s Gate (John)

Turning the tap off when brushing my teeth, not flushing the toilet every time I do a wee, and turning the shower off when I’m not rinsing, are just a few things I do to conserve my daily water usage.

But than what I’m saying is common sense, isn’t it?

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Are shipping containers the answer to housing crisis amid expanding population?

Flickr: Jesse C Smith Jr

Apparently shipping containers may hold the answer to the housing crisis and the booming population. Yep, shipping containers. You know, those big rectangular containers stacked neatly on top of each other on countless ships. Well, they could be what gets us out of the housing crisis as the human race continues to enthusiastically populate the world at an alarming rate.

Seven billion in 2011? Pah, we can do better than that! And according to the United Nation’s estimates, we may be well on our way to welcoming the nine billionth person to our planet by 2050. Hmm, I think we may need a few more of those ship containers that have been floating around.

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